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When we first got started with NDT apprenticeships, the government, through its Relationship Managers, made it very clear that the only aspects they were interested in were the NDT Apprenticeship Standard and the NDT Apprenticeship Assessment Plan. The NDT Apprenticeship Standard is a two-page (A4) document that stipulates what is to be included in the NDT apprenticeship, quite a challenge if you are developing a three- or four-year apprenticeship. To make things worse, there are many compulsory paragraphs on topics such as qualifications, entry level and links to professional recognition. The NDT Apprenticeship Assessment Plan is a document that describes the assessment process at the end of the apprenticeship and the challenge is to develop a process whereby the assessment holistically tests every aspect of the apprenticeship, irrespective of what training may have been undertaken or what qualifications may have been passed during the apprenticeship programme. The bit in the middle, which is by and large the whole of the apprenticeship, is termed ‘on-programme activities’, which the government says is the responsibility of the employer and they are therefore not concerned with this area.

In order to assist employers, BINDT is available, through John Moody (, to offer advice and support to employers in order for them to fulfil the on-programme requirements and be prepared for the end-point assessment. In addition to the practical support, BINDT, through the Education and Professional Development Committee, has produced numerous guidance documents that are available, or will be available, on the BINDT website in the apprenticeship download section.

These documents include/will include:
  • The NDT Standard and the NDT Assessment Plan for each of the three available NDT apprenticeships
  • An On-Programme Competency Development document for each apprenticeship that advises what employers need to do during the apprenticeship
  • An employers’ Let’s Get Started document, which tells the employer what they need to do and who they need to contact in order to initiate an apprenticeship. It also advises on funding and other process requirements
  • The Apprentices’ Guidance document, which describes the main NDT methods, enabling the employer and apprentice to make the right choices
  • There are 13 documents called Units of Competence, which describe what needs to be learned when undertaking training in an NDT method or related subject
  • A guidance document for the end-point assessment, which describes what the independent assessment organisation needs to do when assessing an apprentice
  • Guidance on the preparation of a project report and project presentation, which is embedded in all of the apprenticeship schemes
  • Numerous templates to assist the employers, the apprentices and the end-point assessors.

There are also other documents being prepared. BINDT is ready and available to offer guidance to employers, apprentices and end-point assessors – make the most of it.

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