Rolls-Royce leads the way with NDT Engineer apprenticeship enrolment

At last, the government has allocated the NDT Engineer apprenticeship a funding cap. Having been successful with the standard and the assessment plan, the NDT Engineer apprenticeship has now been allocated band 15 (£27k), the top band, and has been marked ‘ready for delivery’.

In January 2018, the University of Northampton will be delivering a new NDT degree, a BEng(Hons) in Non-Destructive Testing. This is different from the existing NDT BSc(Hons) degree as it contains a larger emphasis on materials science, ie product technology understanding. This is a four-year programme, which includes some of the modules being delivered on a residential training basis. For example, students from across the country will be able to attend courses that will run Monday to Friday. These week-long blocks will occur four times per year, on the weeks commencing
15 January, 26 February, 16 April and 21 May. The rest of the modules will utilise the online courses already developed by the University of Northampton. So far, six students from Rolls-Royce Derby, Bristol and Barnoldswick, plus other small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) course applicants. The course is suitable for others who are working in NDT, not just apprentices; please contact
Abdeldjalil Bennecer ( for more information.
The number of people enrolling for apprenticeships is rising every month and the uptake is beginning to drive the momentum. Led by BINDT, many organisations are enthusiastically marketing our apprenticeship products, but I would urge all of you to pass on the good word. This opportunity is too good to miss and, on top of this, a lot of organisations will get their levy money back.

The suitability of T levels for NDT
The Education and Professional Development Committee is looking into the suitability of Technical levels (T levels) for NDT. T levels are two-year vocational training programmes, designed for school leavers who, for whatever reason, cannot find a suitable apprenticeship in their area. T levels are set at Ofqual Level 3 educational standard and are supposed to mirror what is in the corresponding apprenticeship. This presents a problem with the NDT apprenticeships, as the Level 3 apprenticeship (the NDT Engineering Technician apprenticeship) is three years long and contains three mandatory NDT qualifications. The T levels will probably be run by colleges and other large training establishments. Talks are ongoing and it could be that an NDT T level is designed that includes the formal NDT training and examination. This would then attract considerable exemptions if the candidate were subsequently enrolled on an NDT Engineering Technician apprenticeship; probably all that would be left to do would be the method experience requirements. I am in discussions with the government about this, so hopefully we can get something sorted.

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