Happy days in Houston

At the time of writing this article I have just got back from the ASNT Fall Conference in Houston, Texas, which was a huge success in terms of the numbers attending presentations, committee meetings and the hospitality gatherings, as well as the number of 
exhibitors. This may have been the largest attendance ever; I am waiting for the official count, but it certainly was crowded. The British contingent was very well represented, giving presentations and manning exhibition booths.

In the Exhibitor Gallery I spotted: Aerospace Testing International from Dorking (UK), Baugh & Weedon from Hereford (UK), Calder International from Chester (UK), Cygnus Instruments from Jacksonville, Florida (USA), ETher NDE from St Albans (UK), GB Inspection Systems from Cannock (UK), Guided Ultrasonics from Brentford (UK), Hi-Spec Systems from Nantwich (UK), Ionix Advanced Technologies from Huddersfield (UK), JetSoft Ltd from Leeds (UK), Lavender from Yorkshire (UK), and now also in Houston, Texas (USA), Novosound Ltd from Lanarkshire (UK), Peak NDT from Derby (UK), Phoenix Inspection Systems from Warrington (UK), Technology Design from Winsford (UK) and, of course, the British Institute of NDT, represented by David Gilbert and Caroline Bull. I hope that the exhibitors reaped commercial success from the large turnout!

There were classes, courses and training sessions and a strong emphasis on student activities.

The Keynote Lecture featured Ruben Gonzalez, a four-time Olympian in the luge. Glenn Light gave the Mehl Honor Lecture and the Plenary Lecture featured Ripi Singh talking about the current trend in automation and data 

The North American Branch held its Annual General Meeting, as it always does at the Fall Conference, in order to take advantage of the member attendees. The meeting was extremely well attended and the office-holders retained their posts. BINDT President Caroline Bull reported on behalf of the 

Next year, the ASNT Fall Conference returns to Las Vegas and I expect a significant influx from the UK. I hope to see you all there! It was a real pleasure to see Jim Knowles from Applus RTD installed as a Fellow of ASNT, accompanied and supported by his wife Carol!

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