Introducing Reyaz Sabet-Sharghi...

Reyaz Sabet-Sharghi attended King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where he received a BSc (Honours) in physics in 1991. Thereafter, he moved to Canada where he completed an MSc in physics from McGill University in Montreal, Québec, before joining Professor David Atherton’s Applied Magnetics Group at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. There he completed a PhD in physics, focusing on the effects of stress on the magnetic flux leakage (MFL) signatures of piping defects.

Upon completing his PhD and a brief stint as a post-doctoral student, Reyaz joined the newly-formed Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC), based in the Toronto area, which provided a unique inspection solution for pre-stressed concrete cylinder piping used primarily for mainline water transmission purposes.

In 2000, Reyaz moved back to Saudi Arabia and took a hiatus from the inspection and NDT world by joining the Saudi operations of Guardian Glass. However, this proved to be temporary and Reyaz was back in the NDT field by 2003. It was then that he became acquainted with the realm of guided wave testing (GWT) and met Dr David Alleyne and his colleagues from Guided Ultrasonics Ltd in the UK. It is this relationship that has ‘guided’ much of Reyaz’s professional career going forward.

While serving as the Executive Manager of a local NDE service provider in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Reyaz was introduced – through a mutual friend – to Brian Shannon, then President of IESCO LLC. This relationship led Reyaz to move to the USA in 2007 and assist IESCO with the establishment of their GWT Service Line. The main accomplishment of this period was working in collaboration with Dr Alleyne and Danny Keck to develop BP Exploration Alaska’s GWT programme. In 2012, Reyaz left IESCO/Qualspec to join BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc (BPXA) as a Senior NDE Technology Engineer, based in Anchorage.

Soon after, he was promoted to Inspection Team Lead, responsible for the strategy and planning portion of the BPXA CIC Group. With BPXA, Reyaz was responsible for the development and approval of all inspection plans implemented on the North Slope Lease, in addition to the approval of procedures being used by various service providers and any new or emerging technologies being proposed for use on BPXA assets.

Reyaz left BPXA in 2017 to join Brian Shannon, once again, as Vice President of Technology with the newly-formed HSI Group Inc, based in Torrance, California. In this capacity, Reyaz is able to once again investigate a wide range of novel electromagnetic and GWT-based applications and establish how these can be applied to address field requirements.

During the past decade, Reyaz has been very active with both ASNT and BINDT in getting GWT recognised as a stand-alone method. This has included active participation with the BINDT working committee on GWT that developed the PCN certification scheme for the method, in addition to the ASNT committee that is working towards the same objective. During this time, Reyaz obtained PCN Level 3 certification in GWT in addition to Level 3 certification from GULT – an industry first.

Reyaz is a member of the North American Branch of BINDT and recently became recognised as a Chartered Engineer (CEng). When he is not on the road, he enjoys spending time with his wife Angela and his two sons Daniel, aged six, and Justin, aged four. While his sons keep him very active, Reyaz also enjoys the occasional soccer game at the weekend and jogging in the Rancho Palos Verdes neighbourhood where he resides.

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