A period of change at BINDT

It has been a period of change at BINDT and I have an enhanced role, which may give me some fresh ideas for these memoranda. There continues to be evolution within our industry, with advanced NDT techniques being introduced at a rapid rate. The manufacturing techniques are also changing, with the use of composites becoming commonplace and additive layer manufacturing being yesterday’s news. One of the common themes is the use and saving of power due to better insulation in our homes and more efficient manufacturing methodologies. The exploitation of natural energy sources such as wind and solar is commonplace, but parts of the world are returning to fossil fuel as this form of energy can be stored and used as and when required. Therefore, green energy still has some way to go. With a greater understanding of testing technology, the manufacturing processes are better monitored and, additionally, the degradation of existing assets and plant can be more accurately monitored.

There is still a place for old-school NDT, but more and more we see developments of existing techniques or new techniques that are better able to give more usable and reliable information. Some of the methods that this applies to include ultrasonics, radiography, eddy current and magnetics, with the process of information/data collection changing, especially with visual testing and the use of drones. There are challenges in industry concerning the validation of techniques and the production of international standards, all taking both time and effort to address. With all of the above-mentioned factors, it does make for an interesting and exciting time within our industry.


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