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BS EN ISO 12707:2016 Non-destructive testing – Magnetic particle testing – Vocabulary (ISO 12707:2016) has recently been published. How often is the correct terminology being used in the working environment?  When a technique is used that results in poor electrical contact causing burn damage, is it being referred to as arcing strike or arc strike? Arcing strike is the term used in the standard.

Is it acceptable to use the term ‘yoke’ when the hand-held electrical equipment used for magnetic flow techniques is being described, or should the term ‘portable electromagnet’ be used? BS EN ISO 12707:2016 Section 2.37 portable electromagnet (yoke) hand-held electrical equipment used for magnetic flow techniques recognises both.

There is no term ‘fixed equipment’; it is covered by magnetic bench, stationary equipment for general applications employing magnetic flow techniques and/or current flow techniques.

Do the instructions and procedures discuss fluorescent stability, capability of a detection medium to maintain fluorescent properties and conditioning agent, additive in water-based media used to improve their properties, which may include wetting, anti-foaming and corrosion inhibitors?

There are 43 items of vocabulary listed in the standard, which probably makes it rather expensive per listing, but if industry uses these terms there should be less opportunity for confusion

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