Marketing Committee


The purpose of the Institute's Marketing Committee is to gather together ideas, requirements and suggestions for promoting the Institute’s activities from all areas of the business and develop these into a structured, coordinated and consistent marketing and PR effort that is proactive, responsive and cost effective. The committee also has an interest in discussing opportunities to promote NDT and CM beyond the core membership and to raise the profile of the NDT/CM/SHM industry.

In particular, the objectives and expectations of the Marketing Committee are to:
  • Oversee the implementation of the Institute’s marketing strategic plan
  • Provide a forum for each main committee to propose, discuss and define marketing and PR-related activities for the committee the member represents
  • Highlight areas where BINDT and the industries it represents may benefit from the promotion of NDT/CM and related testing technologies outside of its core market and consider an appropriate approach
  • Develop links with other institutes and influential bodies
  • Provide support and advice for the marketing activities of each of the Institute’s core propositions
  • Consider and develop channels of communication to the membership
  • Oversee the marketing budget and prepare proposals for supplementary resources for specific additional projects as they arise.