Ultra-intelligent 64-channel phased array UT instrument


Zetec, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions has introduced TOPAZ64, which it claims is the industry’s most intelligent, fully integrated and portable 64-channel phased array ultrasound instrument.

TOPAZ64 combines code-compliant phased array ultrasonic testing (UT) with the industry’s most advanced full matrix capture (FMC) and total focusing method (TFM) capabilities.

Featuring the highest acquisition frequency in its class, high-resolution FMC and a 12" multi touch-screen with best-in-class image quality, users can easily visualise even the smallest of flaws. TOPAZ64 can generate a bipolar pulse that provides more acoustic energy versus previous models for punching through thick components. The result is a portable tool that delivers increased inspection coverage, more accurate signals and the ability to handle all UT inspections in one package. TOPAZ64 is ideal for challenging applications in transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation.

Driven by Zetec’s industrially proven UltraVision® Touch software, TOPAZ64 supports 2D matrix arrays in pulse/echo or pitch/catch modes and is capable of dual-side weld inspections using two probes at the same time. With the ability to save raw A-scan data, TOPAZ64 is ideal for record-keeping compliance or TFM post-processing without the time and cost required to rescan.

“TOPAZ64 is ultra-intelligent ultrasound,” said Frédéric Laprise, General Manager, Zetec Canada and Ultrasound Business Unit. “It is an industry game-changer that offers advanced inspection capabilities in a cost-effective device for improved productivity and more accurate inspections.”

With the introduction of TOPAZ64, Zetec’s TOPAZ family is now one of the most completely portable, fully integrated phased array UT product lines in the industry. TOPAZ16 stands for portable value and is ideal for most common inspection applications, TOPAZ32 is a high-performance instrument for more complex inspections and the new TOPAZ64 is an intelligent portable UT instrument, capable of handling the most challenging inspections.