ASNT announces ASNT Certification Services


The Board of Directors of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) recently approved the establishment of a wholly-owned limited liability company, ASNT Certification Services LLC, which will house all of the Society’s certification and accreditation programmes. The new entity will launch on 1 July 2021.

This move is intended to protect ASNT from the risks and potential liabilities inherent in certification and accreditation programmes. The LLC will be led by a Board of Managers, composed of ASNT Board and Society members; the LLC’s Board of Managers will be appointed by the ASNT Board of Directors in spring 2021. The new entity will maintain its own policies, operating budgets and financial records, while sharing ASNT’s staff and office space. The LLC will have no employees of its own.

Scott Cargill, who led the initiative while serving as ASNT’s Chairperson of the Board, noted: “This is a necessary and essential step in ASNT’s growth. With the recent launch of our employer-based certification (EBC) accreditation programme and the industry sector qualification (ISQ) performance-based testing programme for the oil & gas sector, ASNT’s portfolio of credential programmes has grown to the point where we must address the issues of legal risks and liabilities that are associated with such programmes.”

Executive Director Neal Couture, CAE, added: “The ASNT Board of Directors executed on its fiduciary duties to ensure the long-term health and viability of the Society by restructuring the corporation appropriately.” Neal pointed out that many membership societies such as ASNT have restructured similarly, including most recently the American Society for Quality (ASQ).
ASNT Inc, the Society, will continue to provide membership and engagement, conferences, publications and learning programmes, support its active sections globally and advocate for the NDT profession and industry.