Regal Beloit introduces the System Plast iCOF


For manufacturers running a manufacturing line, especially a dry running line, friction is a key factor for the proper handling and flow of containers.

Regal Beloit’s iCOF condition monitoring device is designed to monitor the condition of a manufacturing line or a part of it by measuring the coefficient of friction (COF) of a chain or belt while it is running. It returns the average value and trend of the COF. The goal is to maintain line efficiency and an optimum cleaning regime.

The iCOF device can be mounted on a conveyor and integrated into the line control system. Without any operator intervention, the system will independently measure the friction at regular intervals. With these data, it is possible to calculate an average value and the related trend and set alerts to take corrective action.

The iCOF condition monitoring device is compatible with Profinet protocol and Ethernet. The iCOF design fits with standard 85 mm pitch conveyors. Its compact and firm structure, made from high-strength steel (AISI 304), is completely closed and waterproof, offering the best resistance to cleaning agents. The easy and quick replacing of wear parts, a low tension and current absorption (24 V, 400 mA, 10 W) ensure reliability and operability.

The iCOF system includes the iCOF device, one slider to imitate product type (PET, cans or glass), one set of screws for the slider, one screwdriver and one USB drive with a graphical user interface (GUI).