Micro-Epsilon offers 14 different product technologies and thousands of sensor variants

29/06/2021 Top ten questions to consider when selecting a measurement sensor

Why do sensor suppliers ask detailed questions when it comes to solving a measurement task? With different measurement technologies and thousands of sensor variants to choose from, the answers to these questions help suppliers decide which sensor is best for the application. Glenn Wedgbrow, Business Development Manager at Micro-Epsilon UK, explains…

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An impression of Urenco's U-Battery

28/06/2021 Jacobs supports winners in UK government competition for nuclear reactor research funding

Jacobs is providing cutting-edge technical support for two companies whose work developing new nuclear power reactors has secured UK government research funding.

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Novosound honoured in awards ceremony for product innovation

25/06/2021 Novosound honoured in awards ceremony for product innovation

Novosound, a leading ultrasonics company based in Scotland, has overcome competition from some of the biggest organisations in the world to win its first international honour at the 2021 Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards.

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Lee McFarlane, Technical Director, AES Reliability

25/06/2021 AES Engineering launches AES Engineering Reliability Group

AES Engineering Ltd has announced the launch of the AES Engineering Reliability Group (AES Reliability).

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SDT introduces Vigilant

24/06/2021 SDT introduces Vigilant

SDT Ultrasound Solutions has released Vigilant, the newest addition to its family of permanent condition monitoring solutions. Vigilant is an eight-channel online condition monitoring solution that combines the versatility of ultrasound diagnostics with the analytics of vibration data. An additional four channels allow inputs for more conventional machinery information such as temperature, r/min and other process data.

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Vibration monitoring without wires

24/06/2021 Vibration monitoring without wires

UK-based IFM Electronic Limited has introduced a vibration monitoring solution without wires.

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Enhancing the inspection process using advanced NDT methods

23/06/2021 Enhancing the inspection process using advanced NDT methods

An NDT and Condition Monitoring Technical Group meeting, titled: ‘Enhancing the Inspection Process using Advanced NDT Methods’, will take place online on 6 July 2021 between 08h30 and 13h30. The event is being run by The Welding Institute jointly with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT).

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Digital X-ray detector solutions

22/06/2021 Digital X-ray detector solutions

Waygate Technologies, a world leader in industrial inspection solutions, has announced the launch of a next-generation digital X-ray detector solution for cabinet integration. With the new Seifert DXR 100S-41M and DXR 200S-41M, the company offers its latest industry-proven detector technology as a standalone package for retrofits of existing X-ray facilities, from film to digital detector array (DDA) and image intensifier-based systems. The extension to the Seifert DXR portfolio targets applications in engineering and production environments of the aerospace, aviation, automotive, power generation and medical devices industries, among others. From the detection of flaws in critical welds, castings, turbine and compressor blades, to electrical, military and even prosthetic components, the two Seifert solutions improve inspection efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications.

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Portable thickness gauges

22/06/2021 Portable thickness gauges

A range of compact hand-held gauges for measuring the coating or paint thickness on carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and metal substrates is now available in the UK from Micro-Epsilon. Based on microwave technology, the gauges measure the total layer thickness of insulating materials with micrometer precision.

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CAN strengthens international presence with contract award in Angola

21/06/2021 CAN strengthens international presence with contract award in Angola

CAN Group has announced the award of a substantial contract with a major oil and gas operator in Angola, further strengthening its international presence.

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IMechE Fife NDT will open in July 2021

21/06/2021 Scotland’s new training school

IMechE Fife NDT will be opening its doors in July 2021, offering a full range of courses, including MT, PT, VT, WI, RI and UT. Based in Dunfermline, it is also said to be the first training school in Scotland to offer the advanced courses of ET, TOFD and PAUT.

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Monitoring technology for earthquake-prone regions

16/06/2021 Monitoring technology for earthquake-prone regions

California-based QuakeLogic and SignaGuard have announced the development of a breakthrough process that combines the proprietary technology of both companies for structural health monitoring in earthquake-prone regions such as the Himalayas.

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Pipe elbow inspection scanner

15/06/2021 Pipe elbow inspection scanner

Zetec Inc, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, has introduced the ElbowFlex™ scanner for quick manual ultrasonic inspections of pipe elbows in oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, manufacturing and other industrial applications.

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Growth in global industrial vibration and condition monitoring markets

14/06/2021 Growth in global industrial vibration and condition monitoring markets

Technavio has announced the release of its two latest reports. The first, on the industrial vibration sensor market, is segmented by product (displacement sensor, acceleration sensor and velocity sensor), end-user (process industries and discrete industries) and geography (Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America). The report offers an in-depth analysis of recent developments, changes in market regulations, product approvals, product launches and the market behaviour across various segments.

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There are now several Finnish measurement instruments on Mars

14/06/2021 NASA’s Perseverance rover commences cutting-edge scientific measurements on Mars with Finnish equipment

The USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Perseverance rover has now spent its first few months on the surface of Mars. The testing and deployment phase is proceeding well and, after the first technology demonstration with the Ingenuity helicopter, the rover is commencing the continuous scientific measurements. With the arrival of the humidity and pressure measurement instruments on board Perseverance, the first meteorological network on another planet is being created.

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Ashtead Technology awarded funding for unmanned digital twinning project

11/06/2021 Ashtead Technology awarded funding for unmanned digital twinning project

Welaptega, an Ashtead Technology company, has launched a US$500,000 (approximately £355,000) initiative to develop a product to enable digital twinning of underwater infrastructure without the need for offshore personnel.

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Element expands further into German calibration market with KDK acquisition

11/06/2021 Element expands further into German calibration market with KDK acquisition

Element Materials Technology (Element) has acquired Kalibrierdienst Kopp GmbH (KDK), a market-leading calibration and measurement services provider, significantly strengthening the Group’s calibration business in Germany.

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Dual-element transducers

10/06/2021 Dual-element transducers

Olympus’s new DC series (DC1 to DC5) dual-element transducers provide inspectors with a complete corrosion monitoring toolbox for pipeline and tank integrity. Optimised for corrosion and thin materials, the transducers work with the non-destructive testing instruments and ultrasonic inspection procedures used in the oil & gas, energy and mining industries.

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Phased array instrument

10/06/2021 Phased array instrument

The MicroPulse 6PA 128/256 is the latest mains-powered phased array instrument from Peak NDT. The system has retained the existing MicroPulse command language and data reporting structures; therefore, this can be a seamless upgrade from the MicroPulse 5.

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Lavender International launches new TFM training course

09/06/2021 Lavender International launches new TFM training course

As a global provider of NDT training, Lavender International is expanding its advanced ultrasonic course offering by introducing a new total focusing method (TFM) course.

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Schaeffler and Siemens to cooperate on intelligent diagnostics for drive systems

08/06/2021 Schaeffler and Siemens to cooperate on intelligent diagnostics for drive systems

Electric motors drive core industrial processes and the rolling bearing is their central mechanical component. The bearings experience all of the loads and stresses that occur in the electric motor. Therefore, bearing diagnostics provide a crucial indicator of the overall condition and reliability of a motor. In addition to developing a portfolio of condition monitoring solutions for operators, the automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is also working with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers such as Siemens on joint offerings to increase the availability of machinery and equipment.

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Hitachi Rail acquires Perpetuum

08/06/2021 Hitachi Rail acquires Perpetuum

Hitachi Rail has completed its acquisition of digital technology company Perpetuum, which will give Hitachi a broader portfolio of maintenance services.

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19 LK Metrology CMMs equipped with a Revo tactile scanning head are in use at the USA transmission plant of a global automotive manufacturing group

03/06/2021 Inspection times halved at vehicle transmissions manufacturer

At the USA transmission plant of a global automotive manufacturing group, component inspection times have been reduced by half or more following the decision to partner with LK Metrology Inc, which has upgraded all of the on-site computer numerical control (CNC) coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to use five-axis scanning technology in addition to touch probing. The metrology company, based in Brighton, Michigan, is the USA subsidiary of British CMM manufacturer LK Metrology Ltd, which built 19 of the 26 CMMs in use at the USA factory. Two are on the shop floor, while the others are installed in five different quality control (QC) rooms.

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Offshore wind turbine maintenance and repair can be challenging

03/06/2021 New £1.6 million project to develop autonomous fleet of drones for offshore wind farm inspection

A swarm of drones might soon take the place of humans dangling on ropes to carry out routine close-up safety inspections of offshore wind turbines.

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The project aims to develop an automated data processing procedure for verification of detected wind turbine blade defects

01/06/2021 DNV and partners launch new research project to develop automated verification of offshore wind turbine inspection results

DNV has launched a new collaborative research project to develop an automated data processing procedure for verification of detected wind turbine blade defects, with the aim of building trust and generating broader acceptance of automated data processing techniques across the industry and to inform future regulation.

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