Lavender International launches new TFM training course


As a global provider of NDT training, Lavender International is expanding its advanced ultrasonic course offering by introducing a new total focusing method (TFM) course.

The total focusing method is an examination technique that has been added into codes and standards and is being used increasingly across all engineering sectors, including aerospace, nuclear and oil & gas.

The method involves the combination of classic full matrix capture (FMC) data acquisition and TFM data reconstruction. It has the potential capabilities of improved resolution and depth of field over a larger region with a reduction in the scattering of sound waves from material noise, enhancing efficiency and performance (ASME Section V Article 4, 2019 edition).

This new course is designed to educate advanced inspectors in the methodologies and techniques to accurately identify and interpret flaws in challenging inspections, focusing on the use of ultrasonic imaging algorithms that improve the profiling of the indication. Candidates will learn about the TFM processing software to reconstruct several paths/modes, evaluating and examining flaw characterisation, flaw dimensioning, display settings, plane wave imaging (PWI), weld and corrosion examinations and amplitude fidelity.

“At Lavender International, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality training that equips technicians with the skills in making more informed decisions on equipment selection and optimising instrument parameters, resulting in a more well-rounded, highly skilled, certified advanced NDT inspector,” said Tim Armitt, Managing Director and President.

The ten-day course will cover the theoretical understanding of TFM, as well as hands-on testing using the latest technology equipment. The course syllabus has been written in accordance with ASME Section V and 2020 SNT-TC-1A documents.

The first course will take place at Lavender International’s UK facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham on 12 to 23 July 2021 and 23 August to 3 September  2021 at the Houston facility in the USA.