MFE Rentals now known as MFE Inspection Solutions


To emphasise its core focus on industrial inspections, MFE Rentals has rebranded, changing its name to MFE Inspection Solutions.

The new name reflects MFE’s expanding catalogue of inspection equipment and training offerings. 

“MFE is now the only place end-users and inspection providers need to go for all things NDT, RVI, ENV and UAV. When we first got started we were just a rental company,” said MFE Rentals Vice President Dylan Duke. “But now we are much more than that. We don’t just provide technology; we are a true inspection solution partner to our clients.”

MFE opened its doors in 2009 in Pasadena, Texas, USA, in a small, 300 square-foot office that rented out various types of equipment, including cameras and drones.

Since then, the company has grown significantly. It now has nine locations in the USA, as well as offices in Canada, Mexico, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Along with its growth, MFE’s focus has changed over the years. Where the company was once a general technology provider, its core focus is now on providing tools and training for inspection professionals.

In addition to the shift in focus, the new name reflects the fact that MFE is no longer simply a technology provider. When a company is in need of technology for a given type of inspection, the MFE team helps that client explore various solutions, providing support all the way through until the inspection is complete and all the necessary data is collected and analysed.

“We help our clients get everything they need to complete their inspections,” continued Dylan. “We provide consultations, training and cost analysis, as well as guidance on both software and hardware for various inspection scenarios. The new name reflects this.”

MFE Inspection Solutions provides inspection technology and training to companies operating in a variety of industries, including oil & gas, power generation and pharmaceuticals.