GE introduces its first industrial CT operator training course


GE’s Inspection Academy has introduced its first course to train operators in industrial computed tomography (CT). As advanced 3D technology becomes more prominent in industrial quality control and metrology, the demand for CT operators and analysts is surging. This new course, available for purchase from GE’s Inspection Academy, will help organisations meet their staffing and development needs and keep pace with technological innovation.

“CT provides a high-precision means of evaluating complex parts and assemblies in aviation and other industrial sectors, and GE is at the forefront in meeting the need for specialised CT training,” said Chuck Hellier, Vice President of NDT Classroom and past National President of the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). He continued: “CT is a cutting-edge tool in non-destructive testing and will continue to make valuable contributions as additional applications are realised.”

Upon completion of this 40-hour course with hands-on practical application, participants fulfil Level III Scan Operator requirements, as outlined by the Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI) guidance for affordable CT usage. Students will be prepared to complete the following tasks:
  • Apply safety regulations for the operation of ionising radiation equipment.
  • Demonstrate the proper set-up and reconstruction of a CT scan.
  • Select CT scan parameters to optimise image quality for specific applications.
  • Perform corrective actions for image quality issues and artefacts, including Feldkamp artefacts, insufficient images and beam hardening.
  • Perform calibrations for metrology measurements.
  • Perform system quality checks to comply with industrial standards.
  • Understand analysis software and advanced analysis possibilities for CT measurements.
  • Identify CT applications for castings, turbine blades, cylinder heads and composites.
“There is a pressing need to train operators who can achieve optimal and reliable CT results, as well as interpret those results to inform strategic, business-impacting decisions,” said John Prendergast, Product Manager at GE Inspection Academy. He continued: “GE’s pioneering course will prepare CT users to seamlessly adapt to new technology and operate efficiently in industrial environments.”

Classroom and practical courses are held at GE Technology Solutions Centers in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, USA, Wunstorf, Germany, and Shanghai, China. Custom, on-site courses at customer locations are available upon request.