Spotlight for high-speed engines


Windrock has introduced the Spotlight Monitoring System for high-speed engines. The system has the ability to monitor valvetrains, power cylinder conditions, turbo health, main bearings and frame vibrations on a high-speed engine.

“Spotlight for high-speed engines is outfitted with four channels per peripheral universal connection (PUC) module,” said Dylan Abel, Product Manager at Windrock. “Each channel is for an accelerometer. We offer various ranges of accelerometer, from 10 mV/G to 100 mV/G, depending on what parameters are going to be monitored.”

Designed to provide a complete picture of reciprocating assets in a single application, Spotlight users can manually set alarm thresholds and windowed bands based on unique machine geometry and the parameters being monitored.

Abel continued: “With artificial intelligence-driven algorithms, Spotlight can proactively predict and pinpoint failures long before they happen, helping to avoid the cost of catastrophic failure and repair. This happens using the Windrock Enterprise software platform, which can monitor various assets through a user-friendly interface. Various parameters of the engine can be monitored. The main parameter is power cylinder vibration.”