Volunteers sought for BINDT Marine Composites Certification Working Group


There are currently no requirements for the qualification or certification of an individual performing NDT on marine composites. This is in stark contrast to the aerospace industry, which similarly uses composite materials to reduce weight and improve performance, where nationally agreed standards exist and are enforced. It would be entirely feasible for an individual with no relevant NDT background or experience to provide an NDT inspection service and sign off a vessel or component as structurally sound, without understanding the nuances of the inspection technique or its limitations. This can result in, at best, a poor reputation for the NDT industry but, more seriously, can put lives at risk.

Chris Minton is the Chair of a working group that is looking to address this shortfall. In consultation with the current NDT practitioners and training schools that provide certification in other industrial sectors, the group will consider the requirements of the industry. This group will initially be focused on the NDT methods of shearography and ultrasonic testing.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has produced a flyer for the marine industry calling for regular inspection by nominated, competent inspection personnel. The current practice in the aerospace industry mandates that for an individual to be considered competent, he or she must undertake a specified number of hours in a formal classroom learning setting, followed by an extensive period of supervised ‘on the tools’ working. Chris Minton is looking to develop the right programme of training, examination and certification that suits the needs of the industry and produces individuals who are considered to be competent to carry out inspections.

If anyone wishes to assist Chris in this task, please feel free to contact him by email to: chris.minton@minton.co.uk