10/06/2016 Sperry Rail team gains honours for rolling contact fatigue system

In January 2016, the Sperry Rail Surface Crack Inspection System team was presented with the ‘Track Technology Award’ at the UK Rail Industry Awards (UK RIA). This commendation followed the team’s acceptance of the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’, presented in September 2015 at the National Railway Awards. Both honours were in recognition of the latest innovations in track technology, whether for use on the track itself or alongside it, increasing efficiency, lifespan, safety or offering imaginative solutions to everyday tasks.

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09/06/2016 To buy, or not to buy… that is the question!

Several years ago, Ashtead Technology was known as Ashtead Technology Rentals and specialised in hiring the latest technology for those with a short-term or project-based instrumentation requirement. However, many of Ashtead’s customers had a frequent requirement for the same instrument, so the company now also offers instruments for sale. Nevertheless, the decision on whether to rent or buy is affected by a number of factors, and these are discussed below.

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08/06/2016 TWI is proud to support armed forces personnel

TWI has a long history of supporting and employing British armed forces personnel across a variety of welding and NDT-related disciplines. As an approved Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) training provider, TWI is able to offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from conventional and advanced NDT to underwater inspection, as part of the MOD’s scheme to provide lifelong higher-level training to armed forces personnel to enable them to achieve nationally-recognised qualifications. 

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07/06/2016 Separating the good from the bad: prioritise your storage tank maintenance

For owners of above-ground process storage tanks, including both atmospheric and pressurised storage systems such as bullets and spheres, tank inspection programmes are normally based around EEMUA 157 and/or API 653. According to both of these standards, the purpose of an inspection is to determine whether tanks are safe for continued service in terms of their mechanical integrity. Originally, inspection plans were strictly regulatory compliant, utilising traditional, manual non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, such as visual, ultrasonic and settlement surveys, which were used for both in-service and out-of-service inspections.

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06/06/2016 UK Thermography Authority: ‘Going Forward’

After a successful AGM held in December 2015, the UK Thermography Authority (UKTA) held a further meeting on 13 January 2016 at the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) headquarters in Northampton, where various new initiatives were discussed and agreed upon.

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03/06/2016 New addition to the Reddy family

Dedicated to electromagnetic NDT technologies, Eddyfi has launched the latest member of the Reddy™ family, Reddy 96.

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NDT News

02/06/2016 iRed announces launch of new aerial inspection services

With over 40 years’ combined experience in remote piloting and commercial flying, incorporating the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – drones – into iRed operations was an obvious development for the team.

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01/06/2016 NewGen NDT uses WCNDT to launch full NDT penetrant process management system

NewGen NDT Ltd has a genuine passion for NDT. The company’s two directors have a combination of over 50 years’ experience in the major industries, from shop-floor right through to senior NDT management positions.

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