Solutions for Rivian R1T and R1S electric vehicles


Tenneco has been selected to provide intelligent suspension and anti-vibration performance materials solutions for USA-based electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian Automotive. Tenneco’s CVSA2/Kinetic H2 semi-active suspension technology is part of the Monroe Intelligent Suspension product portfolio and NVH Performance Materials’ Clevite Elastomers will be featured in the all-electric Rivian R1T five-passenger pickup and R1S seven-passenger sport utility vehicle (SUV). 

The Rivian R1T and R1S models are equipped with Monroe Intelligent Suspension CVSA2/Kinetic H2 technology, providing continuously controlled damping along with advanced hydraulic roll control. The suspension’s Kinetic roll control system offers the driver excellent handling agility and comfort and delivers exceptional off-road performance. 

The Monroe Intelligent Suspension CVSA2/Kinetic H2 technology eliminates the need for conventional sway bars, the technology helps reduce vehicle weight and decouples single wheel disturbances, providing better contact to the road.
Additionally, as compared to other damping and roll control systems, the Kinetic interlinkage concept consumes very little energy, thereby helping to extend the battery vehicle range.

“Our global engineering teams have worked closely with Rivian and other vehicle manufacturers to achieve new ride performance and NVH reduction targets for battery electric and hybrid vehicles. We are very pleased that CVSA2/Kinetic technology has been chosen,” said Henrik Johansson, Vice President and General Manager Advanced Suspension Technologies.

“We are very pleased that Clevite Elastomers products will contribute to the success of Rivian’s first two models,” added Kathleen Pacheco, Vice President and General Manager, NVH Performance Materials.

One of several electronic suspension technologies available through Tenneco’s Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio, the CVSA2/Kinetic H2 solution will be integrated with Rivian’s flexible ‘skateboard’ chassis, which also houses the vehicle’s quad-motors, intelligent battery management system and other components. The R1T and R1S models will also be equipped with Tenneco’s Clevite 

Elastomers front and rear suspension bushings, top mounts and other parts, contributing to the vehicles’ smooth, quiet and comfortable ride dynamics. Clevite Elastomers products are engineered to provide premium best-in-class performance across a full range of vehicle platforms and operating environments. By dramatically reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), these innovative elastomeric formulations and components help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide clearly differentiated ride quality and cabin comfort.