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Qingcheng AE Institute (Guangzhou)
Co Ltd

Qingcheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co Ltd (QCAE, formerly Beijing SoundWel Technology Co Ltd) has specialised in acoustic emission testing system research and development (R&D), production and technical application services since 2000. The company’s main products comprise acoustic emission systems, including hardware and software, and hand-held ultrasonic testing devices, such as ultrasonic flaw detectors and ultrasonic thickness detectors.

Qingcheng’s acoustic emission instruments and other devices have been sold within China and around the world, including the USA, Australia, France, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Indonesia, among others.

Based in China, Qingcheng has its headquarters in Guangzhou and a branch in Beijing. The company comprises an R&D team, technical support team, sales team, production department and administration department – a total of around 30 people and growing. The company has previously attended some international conferences as Beijing SoundWel Technology and plans to attend future conferences around the world as QCAE.

Qingcheng’s acoustic emission monitoring system application fields include:
  • Pipeline/valve leakage monitoring
  • Rotating machinery bearing wear monitoring
  • Structural health monitoring, such as bridge cable wire rope breaks or wind turbine health monitoring
  • Condition monitoring, such as cutting tool wear monitoring
  • Pressure vessels crack/ bottom plate corrosion monitoring.
Reliability Maintenance Solutions

Reliability services, technologies, support and training

RMS has been providing a wide range of reliability and condition monitoring products, services, support and professional training solutions for more than 20 years. Our areas of expertise include asset reliability, vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography, oil analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment and motor analysis. We also partner with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to showcase their innovative technologies, such as Motion Amplification® and wireless vibration monitoring.

The RMS Reliability Training Institute is an independent accredited training organisation for both the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing (BINDT) and Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) in the UK and Ireland. Our training courses and ISO-certified examinations are available in vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography and asset reliability. Study options include private on-site, public hotel-based, virtual and online self-paced courses.

Sensonics Ltd

Sensonics Ltd is a Hertfordshire, UK-based manufacturer (since 1972) of instrumentation and machinery protection systems (API 670 compliant), together with the associated machine-mounted transducers/transmitters used for the purpose of machine condition monitoring.

Systems are available for monitoring vibration, temperature, pressure, position and shaft speed on most rotating and reciprocating machines, including turbines, engines, generators, compressors, pumps, fans, motors and gearboxes.

Sensoncis are also a manufacturer of seismic detection systems that are used for the protection of critical infrastructure against seismic events. These systems are typically used in the nuclear and gas industries, where they provide a means to instantly make plant and processes safe when seismic events occur. The event can then be analysed using the ‘record and replay’ software, allowing a decision to be made if the site is safe to continue operation or to halt if structural damage may have occurred.

SpectraQuest Inc

SpectraQuest Inc is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete turnkey systems for training and diagnosis in machine vibration analysis, rotor balancing and shaft/coupling alignment. Our systems include machinery fault simulators, interactive training programme, data acquisition hardware, software and accessories.

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