Thermal imaging improves company’s competitiveness and performance

28/11/2018 Thermal imaging improves company’s competitiveness and performance

The FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera and FLIR Test & Measurement Tools, in combination with METERLiNK® technology, have proven to be invaluable tools for an Italian consultant service.

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Perpetuum to develop rail monitoring system

27/11/2018 Perpetuum to develop rail monitoring system

UK-based engineering company Perpetuum has secured an investment from the Rail Supply Growth Fund to advance the development of its self-powered rail condition monitoring system.

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ElastiSense EDS contact capacitive displacement sensors

26/11/2018 ElastiSense EDS contact capacitive displacement sensors

Bestech Australia has announced the release of a new capacitive-based contact displacement sensor, EDS from ElastiSense. These sensors are recommended for applications in harsh industrial environments.

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Predictive Service LLC acquires Diamond Technical Surveys

23/11/2018 Predictive Service LLC acquires Diamond Technical Surveys

Predictive Service LLC has acquired Diamond Technical Surveys (DTS), a provider of infrared inspection services since 1999. DTS’s extensive infrared inspection capabilities expand Predictive Service’s infrared inspection to include more electrical and mechanical inspection offerings, refractory infrared inspection, roofing and moisture intrusion inspection and infrared window installation. DTS is one of the few infrared inspection providers to have the expertise to accurately scan high-temperature process heater tubes; DTS’s engineers are familiar with the elevated temperatures, high pressures and metallurgy that make this type of inspection possible with infrared technology.

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Engine vibration monitoring unit for KF-X jet

22/11/2018 Engine vibration monitoring unit for KF-X jet

Meggitt has signed a new contract with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to develop an engine vibration monitoring unit (EVMU).

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CAMP introduces system integration

21/11/2018 CAMP introduces system integration

Aircraft maintenance management provider CAMP Systems has introduced new functionality aimed at enhancing the company’s non-scheduled maintenance capabilities. The CAMP Engine Health Monitoring ‘EHM/MTX Integration’ service provides operators with expert analysis of an engine’s health and provides an alert whenever trend data indicates that an inspection or other on-condition maintenance action is recommended.

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Precise temperature monitoring

20/11/2018 Precise temperature monitoring

Ceramicx, a company from Ireland, develops and produces infrared heating elements. These devices generate infrared radiation (IR) in order to heat objects on a non-contact basis.

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Davis-Standard releases monitoring system

19/11/2018 Davis-Standard releases monitoring system

Davis-Standard has unveiled its DS Activ-Check system for continuous extruder monitoring.

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X-ray scanning system

16/11/2018 X-ray scanning system

Cast iron production is vulnerable to a number of critical defects, in particular voids and microporosity. These defects cause a reduction in the sample strength and their detection is therefore essential as part of the quality control process. X-ray inspection is the most obvious, fastest and most reliable means of non-destructive inspection.

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Condition monitoring for bearings

15/11/2018 Condition monitoring for bearings

Monitoring the condition of bearings is not only a way to detect the need for their replacement, but a way to draw conclusions about the state of the entire machine or system. To illustrate the benefits of NSK’s Condition Monitoring Services (CMS), two practical examples highlight what can be offered to users of grinding machines.

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Explosion-proof UV inspection light

14/11/2018 Explosion-proof UV inspection light

Labino AB has brought to market an explosion-proof hand-held UV inspection light, MB Hercules Ex, which is in compliance with the ASTM E3022-15 standard, the Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 engineering specification and the Airbus AITM6-1001 (Issue 12) test method. Hercules Ex is a product specifically developed for use in areas where flammable materials are present and the risk of explosion is high or for any ‘heavy duty’ environment. Use of explosion-proof products is often required in offshore oil rigs, refineries, defence and aerospace applications.

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Omega Engineering’s online resource

13/11/2018 Omega Engineering’s online resource

Omega has launched a new informational site for predictive maintenance to help companies to stay on top of critical maintenance issues.

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Compact computer tomography system

12/11/2018 Compact computer tomography system

With the introduction of the CTScan 3, Yxlon has launched its own completely new line detector, replacing the Y.LineScan. As of now, the CT Compact computed tomography system will be equipped with the new line detector, the Yxlon CTScan 3, as a standard component. In the future, the Yxlon FF85 CT and CT modular systems will also benefit from its capabilities. Groundbreaking technological advancements and optimised production methods deliver unsurpassed image quality and significantly reduce susceptibility to noise. Besides the interference-resistant and low-noise electronics, the specially developed photodiodes, in particular, ensure an extremely uniform signal.

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Singapore’s land transport authority uses data analytics

09/11/2018 Singapore’s land transport authority uses data analytics

Singapore is looking to build a rail management platform that will consolidate its existing tracking systems and tap data analytics to monitor and identify potential faults. The country’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has given a contract worth S$18.8 million (approximately £10.5 million) to a consortium formed by Siemens and ST Engineering Electronics (STEE), which would design and deploy the rail enterprise asset management system.

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Green light for new industrial drone training

08/11/2018 Green light for new industrial drone training

Drone pilots working on industrial sites can earn their wings by undertaking a programme of structured training and technical testing, which has been given the green light by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

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Investment sought to break world land-speed record

07/11/2018 Investment sought to break world land-speed record

Bloodhound Programme Ltd, the company behind Project Bloodhound, the initiative to break the world land-speed record, entered into administration on 15 October 2018, with the appointment of Andrew Sheridan and Geoff Rowley, partners at specialist business advisory firm FRP Advisory LLP, as joint administrators.

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MFL tube inspection

06/11/2018 MFL tube inspection

ETher NDE has released the latest addition to its eddy current flaw detector range, the SteelCheck. Building on the success of ETher’s NDT product development, the SteelCheck has been designed to bring to the market a compact, dedicated magnetic flux leakage (MFL) instrument for testing carbon steel tubes and plates.

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Global non-destructive testing services and equipment market report

05/11/2018 Global non-destructive testing services and equipment market report

The global non-destructive testing (NDT) services and equipment market is expected to register a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the forecast period of 2018 to 2025, according to a new report from Research and Markets. The new market report contains data for the historic year 2016, the base year of calculation is 2017 and the forecast period is 2018 to 2025.

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New in-situ monitoring system reduces the risk of engine failure

02/11/2018 New in-situ monitoring system reduces the risk of engine failure

An EU-funded project is offering an advanced monitoring system that accurately gauges the safe lifetime of aircraft engine parts while they are in operation. Intelligent solutions that help to optimise aircraft maintenance contribute to make aviation safer and more environmentally friendly.

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The eddyNCDT 3060

01/11/2018 New high-performance eddy current system raises the bar in inductive displacement measurement systems

The eddyNCDT 3060 is a new, powerful eddy current measurement system from Micro-Epsilon that is suitable for high-speed, high-precision displacement measurements in harsh industrial environments. The system comprises a compact controller, a sensor and integrated or non-integrated cable and is factory calibrated for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. With more than 400 compatible sensor models, unique ease of use and smart signal processing, the eddyNCDT 3060 sets new standards in inductive displacement measurement, it is claimed.

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