The International Institute of Welding 

IIW – The International Institute of Welding is an international network and centre of reference for welding and allied joining technologies. IIW offers opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing between scientists, researchers, industry and educators. Another main activity is the dissemination of the latest developments and best practices. IIW covers non-destructive testing as part of its remit. Examples of IIW NDT documents include:
  • Best Practices for the Use of Simulation in POD Curves Estimation
  • Phased Array IIW Handbook
  • Handbook on the Ultrasonic Examination of Austenitic and Dissimilar Welds
  • Handbook Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems: IIW Handbook.

IIW specifications gave rise to the Type-1 ultrasonic calibration block, which is in widespread use.

For more information on IIW see: http://iiwelding.org/

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