Nuclear Installations Inspectorate 

NIINuclear Installations Inspectorate

Those of you who are regulars to this feature will realise that the acronym NII has also been described as Non-Invasive Inspection. However, a previous What the Hec?! described the HSE and its divisions including the Nuclear Safety Directorate (NSD – note the HSE website up until recently referred to NSD but now refers to it as just the Nuclear Directorate, ND), the role of which is to secure effective control of health, safety and radioactive waste management at nuclear sites in the United Kingdom.

The NII, as in Her Majesty’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, is that part of the Health & Safety Executive with responsibility for regulating the safety of nuclear installations in Great Britain. Nuclear site licensees have a legal duty to reduce risks so far as is reasonably practical and NDT is one of the tools that provides confidence that this is achieved.

The NII has started the process for licensing the proposed new nuclear power stations to be built in the near future and which will provide opportunities for NDT.

For more information on the activities of the NII see:
Note the website does not make much reference to 'NII', but information is given on the Nuclear Directorate.

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